Koro in shape of a boat

Price:  650,00

Decorative “Koro” incenseburner in the shape of a fisherman on a boat.
The boat is realistically modelled with a detachable top.
A contented fisherman is seated on the front.
The Koro is glazed in ochre, turquoise and brown and the lower side of the boat is painted with waves and fish. The seal of the artist at the bottom of the boat.
In its original wooden Tomobako (transportbox).
Kutani is a style of Japanese porcelain traditionally supposed to be from Kutani and is marked by vivid dark colors and elegant aesthetics.

Edo Periode (1600-1868)

H.: 15.5 cm L.: 38.5 cm D.: 14 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202739X


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