Large porcelain vase by Yasokichi III

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Fantastic, and very large Kutani-ware 九谷焼 porcelain globular vase with horizontal ribs by the famous artist Tokuda Yasokichi III 三代徳田八十吉 (Masahiko 正彦) (1933-2009). Its body decorated with his iconic ‘saiyu’ glaze in transcending shades of black, navy and azure blue, and aubergine purple.
The globular body supported on a circular foot and rising to a wide upright mouth.

Signed ‘Kutani Masahiko’ 九谷正彦 in black by the artist, below an impressed foliate design.

Height 33.5 cm, Diameter 32 cm.
Period: Japan – Late 20th century, around 1986 (Late Shôwa period/Heisei period).

In an excellent original condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Including original signed and sealed tomobako 供箱 (storage box) and leaflet about the exploits of the artist up to Shôwa 61 (Anno 1986) in Japanese. Probably the vase has been crafted around that time.

Tokuda Yasokichi III, born Masahiko in Ishikawa Prefecture, was a luminary in the world of Kutani pottery. As a third-generation potter in the esteemed Kutani tradition, he gained global acclaim for his innovative approach. While he departed from traditional Kutani motifs, his creations were marked by vibrant colors, particularly the distinctive Kutani-style hues of eggplant, green, and yellow. His artistry found expression through abstract designs, skillfully rendered using his unique ‘saiyu’ glaze technique. In 1986, he was designated a Living National Treasure by Ishikawa Prefecture, a testament to his mastery. His works, exhibited in prestigious institutions like the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, immortalize his legacy in the realm of Japanese pottery. Awards such as the Grand Prize of the International Pottery and Porcelain Exhibition underscore his significant contributions to the craft.

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Ref. No. : C2678-1d


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