Large Bizen-stone ware bowl

Price:  1.100,00

Very large Bizen-stone ware semi-organic shaped bowl, decorated with abstract red-brown lines by the well known ceramic artist Kawabata Fumio ( 川端文男 – 1948 -).

The firing is rich and warm and gives a very natural feeling.

With abstract bottom mark and a leaflet dated Heisei 15 (2003) and a listing the activities of the potter.
Kawabata Fumio is one of Bizen’s outsiders (Yokohama born) and makes his own Bizen with style and flair. Kawabata He is a past winner of the Grand Prize at the Modern Tea Forms Exhibition at the Tanabe Museum of Art. He has a long list of others awards: Selected for the Japanese Traditional Craft Art Exhibition, Chunichi International Exhibition of Ceramic Arts, and Chanoyu Zokei (Modern Tea Forms) Exhibition. In original signed, marked and sealed wooden transport box.

When shipped we will add certificate of authenticity.

Size: H. : 31 cm Dia. : 42 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 72250


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