Kutani’ware ceramic vase

Price:  280,00

A lovely Kutani’ware 九谷焼 Aoki Mokubei-style ceramic vase. The upper part with an intricate enamel design of many different scenes depicting small male figures on a red fond, like: some rolling out a long hand roll, and three sitting on the back of a large flying koi with a dragon shaped head.

Its round almost gourd-shaped body with three shaped indentations. The top with a gilded rim.

The bottom sealed “Kutani Mokubei” 九谷木米. A reference to the famous Japanese painter Aoki Mokubei (1767-1833).

Approx. size:
Height 26 cm, Diameter 21.5 cm.

Including wooden tomobako.
Late Meiji-period ( approx.1900).
In a very good condition.

Ref. No. : 212602


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