Korean Nyo’izumi celadon baluster vase by Yeon-Hyu Lee 李連休

Price:  750,00

Beautiful Korean celadon baluster vase with 4 ears around the neck and a broad base, in the style of 12th century Goryeo porcelain of the Maebyeong style by the artist Yeon-Hyu Lee 李連休.

The vase has an allover craquelé in the pale blue green glaze, this is the famous Nyo’izumi celadon glaze.
The vase is signed at the bottom.

With a leaflet (in Japanese) with the activities and achievements of the artist Yeon-Hyu Lee 李連休 and in its original signed box.

The Goryeo Dynasty aristocracy ruled Korea from 918 until 1392 and was known for its taste in luxury and refinement in what was known as Korea’s “Age of Enlightenment.”

Period: 20th century

Size: H. 28 cm; Ø 14 cm

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 212261


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