Heavy abstract ceramic vase by Kumamoto Kiichi 熊本喜一

Price:  450,00

Impressive and very heavy brown ceramic abstract vase in the shape of stacked spiralling ‘crescent moon’-shaped layers ending in an arched point. The whole vase is covered by shallow vertical grooves filled with nice contrasting white glaze.
The points of the layers are open; through here you can stick the flowers all the way to the ‘water basin’-bottom layer.

Marked by the artist Kumamoto Kiichi 熊本喜一 (1927-?). Born in Tokoname. Studied under the founding generation head Katsuo Seiryuto. He was first selected in 1957 for the Nitten Exhibition, and later became an Nitten affiliate member. He was selected for and awarded prices at many different exhibitions, like: Kyoto City Exhibition, Prefectural Exhibition, Kansai Soumi Exhibition, and Japanese Ceramics Exhibition.

Height 43.5 cm, Width 44.8 cm, Depth 33.5 cm.
Weight 15.7 kg.
Period: Japan – Shôwa period (1926-1989)

In a very good condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition (日展, Nitten (Nihon bijutsu tenrankai)) is a Japanese art exhibition established in 1907. The exhibition consists of five art faculties: Japanese Style and Western Style Painting, Sculpture, Craft as Art, and Sho (calligraphy). During each exhibition, works of the great masters are shown alongside works of new but talented artists. It claims to be the largest combined art exhibition of its kind in the world and the most popular in Japan. (From Wikipedia)

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Ref. No. : B2237


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