Fabulous porcelain baluster vase

Price:  800,00

A fabulous medium-sized colourful porcelain baluster vase with a continuous design of a luscious late-summer flower garden with birds. Two Japanese birds 四十雀 (shijûkara) are scurrying around the garden looking for berries. Another one is sitting peacefully on the end of a plum tree branch looking down.

The decoration is far above the average export ware vessel, with exquisite detail and exquisite graduation in the colours of the withering leaves.

On the sides, mascarons in the shape of ‘Taotie beast’-heads holding a ring with their trunk.

Above and under the garden scene, two gilded borders with a well-filled floral motif and some polychrome details.

The vase is in a very good condition. Only some loss of gilding at the rim, and a discoloured scratch to the right of the rock. The glazed colours and gilding are still very vibrant and colourful. The vase is very delicately painted by hand.

The bottom signed ‘宗’ and ‘一七六’.

Height 31 cm, Diameter 17.5 cm.

Mid 20e century

Ref. No. : 211308


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