Celadon glazed ceramic vase

Price:  350,00

Large globular Goryeo style celadon glazed ceramic vase with an exuberant décor where many things can be seen:
A large pine tree can be seen as the main focal point. A lot of cranes are resting on branches of this tree. Next to this, a pair of deer are just passing by, with in the background a broad view on many partially clouded mountain peaks with a rising sun. Two large cranes with some leaves in their beaks past this view. Under them is a waterfront, were two turtles are about to go in the water.

The vase is signed at the bottom ‘Go Cheong’ 古青 meaning ‘Old celadon’.

Height 39 cm, Diameter 40 cm.
20th century

Ref. No. : B1349


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