Mashiko’yaki 益子焼 stoneware dish

Price:  220,00

Large and pretty round white glazed Mashiko’yaki 益子焼 stoneware dish decorated with green/brown lines and with a rim of blue stripes.

Height 6.9 cm, Diameter 40.7 cm.

Period: Shōwa period (1926-1989)

It is in a very good condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Mashiko ware (益子焼, Mashiko-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally made in Mashiko, Tochigi. Mashiko is a folkware kiln site that is unlike some of the other older kiln sites around Japan. The town is open to newcomers whether or not they are potters or of other professional backgrounds in arts, sciences and education. In Japan, craftsmen are usually born into their profession, but in Mashiko, anyone can become a potter. Following Shoji Hamada, people looking to return to a more traditional Japanese lifestyle settled in the area. (From Wikipedia)

Ref. No. : 212222


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