Ceramic okimono of a rabbit

Price:  350,00

Sophisticated shaped ceramic okimono of a rabbit by the well known Ito Tozan III. Signed at the bottom. In original signed and marked box (tomobako).
Ito Tozan III (1900-1970): Member of Modern Industrial Arts Association, Jurymember for Japan Fine Arts Exhibition. Graduated Kyoto picture school. Acted as assistant of Shoji Hamada when young. In 1933 his work was selected at the Imperial Academy’s Art Exhibition. Thereafter her Majesty The Empress bought a vase. In 1938 he assumed master’s name of the 3rd Tozan as successor.
The Tozan lineage: Although Tozan I was most well known for earthenware, Tozan II expanded the family name to become quite popular in porcelain. Tozan II was succeeded by his son Tozan III (1901-70). This box bears the signature of the third generation. The family line unfortunately died with the third Tozan in 1970.

Size; H. : 13.6 cm W. : 15.6 cm D. : 11.3 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : n2414a


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