Two silver casters

Price:  160,00

Set of two Japanese sterling silver (950/1000) casters in the shape of a parasol resting on a pair of traditional wooden clogs, called geta 下駄, and the other in the shape of a three-stringed lute, called a shamisen 三味線. Even the snares of this instrument are made separately.

Both marked ‘Sterling’ and ‘950’ on the bottom. A higher grade silver than the usual 925/1000 sterling silver ratio.

Both are in a very good condition. Please look at the photos for reference.
Late Shôwa-period.
Size parasol:
Height 2.8 cm, Width 8.8 cm, Depth 2.6 cm.
Weight 22 gram.

Size 2:
Height 10.5 cm, Width 2.8 cm, Depth 1.5 cm.
Weight 15 gram.

Ref. No. : N2494+N2498


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