Tea ceremony set

Price:  320,00

Set of tea ceremony utensils in a dark red lacquered wooden storage box 茶箱 (chabako), consisting of;

– A crème craquelé glazed stoneware mizusashi 水指 (cold-water container) decorated with bamboo design in green, gold and red. Sealed at the bottom. H. 14.7 cm.
– A low stoneware chawan 茶碗 (tea-bowl) with a white craquelé glaze with a pink stripe decorated with a design of paulownia leaves and – flowers in gold, red and green enamel. Sealed at the bottom. H. 5.4 cm.
– A stoneware chawan 茶碗 (tea-bowl) with a greyish white craquelé glaze. Sealed at the bottom. H. 8.2 cm.
– A patinated bronze kensui 建水 (waste water receptacle/ bowl). H. 8.7 cm.
– A porcelain futa-oki 置 (lit and ladle rest) with a blue underglaze transfer design of bamboo. H. 5 cm.
– A porcelain kôgô 香合 (incense container) with a blue underglaze transfer design of the Chinese character and horizontal lines. Dia. 5.2 cm.
– A bamboo chasen 茶筅 (whisk).
– A bamboo hishaku 柄杓 (ladle).
– A bamboo chashaku 茶杓 (tea scoop).

Size wooden box:
Height 50.3 cm, Width & Depth 17.2 cm.

Period: Japan – Shôwa period (1926-1989).

All the utensils are in a very good original condition. Please take a look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

A chabako is a Japanese utensil box specifically designed for tea ceremonies held outside of the usual location. Made from lightweight wood, it serves as a portable storage and transport solution for tea ceremony utensils. The chabako ensures the safekeeping of the utensils during transit and protects them from damage. The choice of wood is often insect-resistant, providing added preservation. This versatile box allows tea ceremony practitioners to conduct ceremonies in different venues, bringing the necessary tools with them while maintaining the integrity of the utensils and upholding the traditions of the tea ceremony.

Ref. No. : B4092


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