Matching 10-piece set of tea ceremony utensils 茶箱 (chabako)

Price:  320,00

Matching 10-piece set of tea ceremony utensils in a unusually large wooden storage box 茶箱 (chabako), consisting of;

– A ceramic mizusashi 水指 (cold-water container) decorated with a geometrical design over a crème craquelé glaze. H. 14.5 cm.
– A ceramic kensui 建水 (waste water receptacle/ bowl) with a diamond flower design over a crème craquelé glaze. H. 6.5 cm.
– A high and a low ceramic chawan 茶碗 (tea-bowl) with a crème craquelé glaze decorated with an autumn leaf design. Marked at the bottom. H. 8.0 & 5.5 cm.
– A greyish brown stoneware chawan 茶碗 (tea-bowl) with clear and translucent white glaze. Marked at the bottom. H. 6.5 cm.
– A ceramic futa-oki 置 (lit and ladle rest) with a diamond flower design. H. 4.5 cm.
– A stoneware chaire 茶入 (tea caddy) with a black and brown dripping glaze in a silk brocade shifuku 仕覆 (drawstring pouch). H. 5 cm.
– A bamboo hishaku 柄杓 (ladle)
– A bamboo chasen 茶筅 (whisk)
– A bamboo chashaku 茶杓 (tea scoop)

Dimensions wooden box:
Height 44.8 cm, Width 37.8 cm, Depth 27.2 cm.
Period: Japan – Shôwa period (1926-1989).

Everything is in a very good original condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

A chabako utensil box is used when a tea ceremony takes place somewhere other than the teacher’s own place. Sometimes the teacher will use a Chashitsu owned by someone else to teach a Japanese tea ceremony lesson or to perform a tea ceremony for guests. Chabako boxed are usually made of light wood to keep the weight to a minimum. The wood used for the box is usually not liked by insects and will therefore not come near and damage any utensils stored inside the Chabako (From Japanese-tea-ceremony.net).

Ref. No. : B2139


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