Iron tea kettle

Price:  320,00

A fine, heavy cast iron chagama 茶釜 (iron tea kettle) and dome-shaped cast iron furo 風炉 (portable brazier) for boiling water for tea, featuring a textured surface.

The chagama is completed with a bronze lid topped with a kiku 菊 (chrysanthemum) shaped knob. Subtle, stylized dragonhead-shaped ears adorn the sides. The kettle rests on the brazier’s rim, which is decorated with an openwork lattice design and also features a pair of dragonheads. Additionally, the brazier is equipped with bronze ‘kan’ 鐶 (open spirals of heavy metal wire twisted into a kettle and used for lifting).

The other sides of the brazier have a pair of openings, resembling a stylized Buddhist flame and a melon. The furo is elevated by three tapered feet.

Period: Japan – Early-/Mid-Shôwa period (Early-/Mid-20th century).

Approx. size:
Together: height 34 cm
Kama: height 15 cm, diameter 21.5 cm
Furo: height 21.5 cm, diameter 29 cm
Total weight Chagama: 8.6 kg

The chagama and furo are in a very good original condition with superficial traces of oxidation. Knob bent. Please look at the photos for a condition reference. The kettle has been tested to see if it leaks, but there no leakage.

Ref. No. : C2451


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