Cast iron tea kettle

Price:  420,00

Heavy complete cast iron tea kettle and cast iron tripod stove.

The kettle has a bronze lid with a nice patina and with chrysanthemum shaped knob.
The kettle has two ears at the side.

The cast iron furo (stove) has an openwork rim, the 33 small elements in the shape of a bottle gourd 瓢箪 (hyôtan).

At the sides 2 gourd-shaped ears each with an iron ring. In Japan the gourd is the symbol of good luck, good health and prosperity.

Inside the stove a separate support for the kettle.
At the base of the stove a wood stand.

Cha gama (茶釜, “tea kettle”) is a Japanese term meaning metal pot or kettle used in Japanese tea ceremony.
The kettle part is resting on the furo 風炉 (portable stove to boil water for tea), a brazier with 3 small fixed supports.
The teapot has been tested to see if it leaks, but there is no evidence of leakage.
Taishō period(1912-1926)
Size stove H. : 26 cm Diameter 36 cm
Size kettle H. : 21 cm Diameter 22.5 cm
Weight: 9,8 kg

Ref. No. : 212356


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