Cast iron kettle 釜 (kama)

Price:  320,00

Cast iron kettle 釜 (kama) completed with a bronze lid with a kiku 菊 (chrysanthemum)-shaped knob.
The kettle has two subtle nicely stylized ‘dragon head’-shaped ears.
The kettle is decorated with a refined continuous embossed ‘manji’-pattern. The manji symbol represents universal harmony, eternity and good luck.

The kama is in very good condition. The kettle has been tested to see if it leaks, but there is no leakage.

Including original signed and sealed wooden transport box 供箱 (tomobako).
Height 17 cm, Diameter 20.5 cm.
Weight 3.4 kg.
Shōwa period (1926-1989)
Kama are placed on a brazier 風炉 (furo), which together is called a chagama. Chagama 茶釜 is a Japanese term meaning metal pot or kettle used in Japanese tea ceremony. In the tea room, the kama is either heated over a portable brazier or in a sunken hearth (ro) built into the floor of the tea room, depending on the season.
The furo (portable brazier) is used during spring and summer. A bed of ashes, called Hai 灰, is laid beforehand inside the furo and the sumi (charcoal) placed on top is lit. On the edge of a Furo a fire window or cut-out opening provides the necessary draft to keep the sumi burning properly. The Kama is then set directly on the bronze or iron brazier. (From Wikipedia).

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B1333


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