Cast iron chagama 茶釜

Price:  600,00

Heavy & lovely cast iron chagama 茶釜 (iron tea kettle) and dome-shaped bronze furo 風炉 (portable brazier to boil water for tea) in its original signed and marked transport box 供箱 (tomobako).
The chagama completed with a bronze lid with a kiku-shaped 菊 (chrysanthemum) knob. On the sides there are two subtle stylized dragon-shaped open ears.

The kettle part is resting on the rim of the stove which stands on three tapered feet. This rim is decorated with a lovely open worked design of dots and waves. The furo has two openings, which are positioned opposite of each other, one in the shape of a Buddhist flame, the other in the shape of a mokkô 木瓜 (quince). Both sides with large ears in the shape of dragon heads holding a ring in their mouth. The furo has a nice warm brown patina.

The bottom of the furo marked with a seal ‘宗辰’, which is the seal of the artist name Sôtatsu Ichinose 一ノ瀬宗辰. A name used by a family studio which is already active from 1875 until now.

The chagama and furo are in a very good condition with only minor traces of age and wear. Please look at the photos for a condition reference. The kettle has been tested to see if it leaks, but there no leakage.

Including white ceramic maekawarake 前土器, pamphlet about the artist in Japanese, and an original signed wooden tomobako.

Approx. size:
Together: height 33.5 cm
Kama: height 17 cm, diameter Ø 20 cm
Furo: height 22 cm, width 36 cm, depth 29 cm
Total weight Chagama: 9.85 kg
Taishô-period – Early Shôwa-period.

Chagama is a Japanese term meaning metal pot or kettle used in Japanese tea ceremony. In the tea room, the kama is either heated over a portable brazier or in a sunken hearth (ro) built into the floor of the tea room, depending on the season. The furo (portable brazier) is used during spring and summer. On the edge of a Furo a fire window or cut-out opening provides the necessary draft to keep the sumi burning properly. (From Wikipedia).

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

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