Extremely large shop sign 看板 (kanban)

Price:  1.100,00

Extremely large (392 cm wide!) and very decorative rectangular carved wooden shop sign 看板 (kanban) for a store in Kyôto 京都 that sells pickled vegetables.

It is has a carved and painted design of a striking large daikon 大根 (white radish), which are commonly used in Japan as a pickled delicacy. On the right is the iconic Mount Fuji depicted.
All over the sign is inscribed with many different carved texts in kanji 漢字 (Chinese characters) in gold, red and black. Stating the necessary information of this advertisement.
In the lower right corner a seal of the carver.

Height 82.5 cm, Width 392 cm, Depth 7 cm.
Late Meiji period / Taishô period.
It is in a good condition with some to be expected traces of age and wear, as it originally hung outside for many years. The most prominent things to mention are a missing bar on the right side, and some traces of wear on Mount Fuji and around the lower daikon leave. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Such a large piece is a very rare find, and an extremely unique decorative piece.

A sign like this has a cultural history dating back to the Edo period. During that time (1603-1868) urban centers of Japan expanded and merchants, relegated to the lower rungs of society, ran their own workshops and grew wealthy. As many shops had a similar appearance in crowded marketplaces, merchants used “kanban” (sign boards) to differentiate and advertise their shops. It has been said that advertising is the world’s second oldest profession. (from blog.lostartpress.com)

We will add a certificate of authenticity.

Please note: given the unusual large size of this piece; at the time of purchase you have to pick up this sign yourself in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, or we will calculate reasonable shipping costs afterwards.

Ref. No. : 52367


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