Set of two nice hiradaiko drum平太鼓

Price:  320,00

Set of two nice hiradaiko 平太鼓 (traditional Japanese type of drum) both with a double-sided hand-painted image on the drum skins of coiling dragons amidst clouds in vibrant colours.
The skins are fastened by a row of domed rivets. The sides are lacquered bright red and are equipped with decorative metal ring.

The larger drum with a carving dating it ‘The Buddhist Higan festival of Autumn of 1969’ 昭和四十四年秋 (Shôwa yonjûyon nen aki Higan). And naming the temple of origin ‘Myôkaku’tera’ 妙覺寺.

Both in a very good, though used, condition.

Dimensions drum 1:
Diameter 38 cm, Depth 10 cm.

Dimensions drum 2:
Diameter 33 cm, Depth 10.5 cm.
Shōwa period (1926-1989)
A hiradaiko (平太鼓) is a Japanese drum named after its short and flat body, Hira Daiko meaning “flat drum”. It has a short but wide body with animal skin drumheads on both its upper and bottom sides.

Ref. No. : B2104+B2105


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