Go board with stones

Price:  2.200,00

Rare maquille lacquered Go board, black lacquered, even on the bottom and legs. All 4 sides differently decorated with gold lacquer, depicting several scenes of nature with suzuki grasses, bush clover (Lespedeza) and some fluttering dragonflies. With slate and marble stones. In Keyaki-zelkova transparent lacquered boxes with a nice lively grain. Board thickness: 17.7 cm !!! Dimensions each stone box: 10 cm height – 14 cm diameter. Including original wooden cover and stones transport box. In very very nice original condition. Shōwa period (1926-1989).
Board weight: 14.75 kg !!!
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Size H. : 29.5 cm W. :  45.7 cm. D. : 42.4 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202030X


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