Noh mask of O’beshimij (大癋見)

Price:  280,00

Gilded wooden Noh mask of O’beshimij (大癋見). O’beshimij was a tengu (Legendary creature) who protects others from evil spirits and demons.
The mask is made of painted wood and gilded copper eyes. With a stamp of Rai’ 雷 on the back.
Noh masks are carved from single piece of wood painted with natural pigments. Mask represents age, gender and social ranking of human or nonhuman being like animal, demon or divine. All of the masks have a distinctive name. There are 60 types and over 400 different masks. Noh mask is used to emphasize and stylize the facial expressions which is accompanied with adequate body language and movement in order to stimulate the imagination of the audience of Noh play. (From: paxtonvisuals.com).

Size: H. : 21,8 cm W. : 17,2 cm D. : 13 cm
In nice original condition. Shōwa period (1926-1989).

Ref. No. : 92463-93102


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