Set of 5 zabuton

Price:  180,00

A beautiful set of 5 zabuton cushions in original cardboard box. Set price: €180,-
The cushions are made from a light blue strong linen fabric with a fine structure.
With on both sides a woven design of 2 fans overlapping each other, 1 fan decorated with Ume, plum blossom, 1 fan decorated with pine trees.
In Japan plum blossoms symbolize vitality, hope, and renewal.
Pine trees represent longevity, good fortune and steadfastness.
Each zabuton has 4 silk tassels on each corner and 1 tassel in the middle on each side.
They are filled with cotton.
Shōwa period (1926-1989)

Size : 56×53×10 cm
The cushions are in good condition, with on a few cushions some light spots, please check the photo’s.
Probably new old stock.

Ref. No. : 212233 1-5


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