Natural tree root brazier

Price:  850,00

This amazing brazier 火鉢 (hibachi) is crafted from a natural tree root, showcasing its exceptional beauty. Crafted from a tree trunk and stained to a rich, warm brown hue, the hibachi reveals the intricate grain pattern and the natural shapes of the root parts and branch endings. The piece is a true reflection of the tree it originated from, capturing the essence of its origin of life.

The brazier features a large copper lining in the center and a smaller one at the side. It has been thoroughly cleaned and polished, enhancing its natural charm. This versatile piece could serve as a unique side table with the addition of a glass cover, function as a flowerpot, or simply stand as a remarkable decorative item inspired by nature.

Height 35.5 cm, Width 54 cm, Depth 44 cm.
Weight: 22.7 kg.
Period: Japan – Taishô period (1912-1928).

In a very good condition, with minimal wear conform age. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Ref. No. : C2428


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