Green suiseki 水石 (scholar’s stone)

Price:  260,00

A lovely suiseki 水石 (scholar’s stone). The stone has a naturalistic shape of a mountain with as single smooth peak. Its colour varies from different hues of green and black.

It has a smooth surface and is placed on a custom made black wooden base 台座 (daiza).

Approx. size including daiza:
Height 23 cm, Width 40 cm, Depth 17.2 cm.
Weight 13.7 kg

It is in a very good condition with some minor traces of wear of the base. Natural indentations of the stone. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Suiseki 水石 is a traditional Japanese art form that involves the appreciation and display of natural stones for their beauty and unique characteristics. The art form values aspects such as stability, longevity, and immortality, reflecting the traditional Japanese values of harmony with nature and the passage of time. Suiseki stones are typically smaller –please note there are definitely (very) large ones-, shaped by natural elements such as wind and water, and are highly valued for their resemblance to natural objects such as mountains, rivers, and trees.

Ref. No. : C2588


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