Price:  450,00

An impressive dark grey to black suiseki 水石 (scholar’s stone). The stone has many natural grooves and points, which gives the imagination a lot to play with.
The combination of the line play with the natural colour of the stone, create an impression of a mountain ridge.
The stone is placed on a custom made black wooden base 台座 (daiza).
Height 12.5 cm, Width 43 cm, Depth 21 cm.
Weight 9.55 kg

Shōwa period (1926-1989).

In traditional Japanese culture, suiseki are naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are appreciated for their aesthetic or decorative value. These stones are not just any stones which can be found in nature; they must be expressive stones and have a special shape, color and texture to be categorized as suiseki. There is a distinction between landscape and object stones. The former reflect landscapes such as mountains, lakes or rivers, while other stones have object shapes that resemble animals or sculptures.The stones are of natural origin and are found in rivers, oceans and karst areas. They are not allowed to be reshaped. (From Wikipedia)

Ref. No. : 211036


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