Quartzite egg-shaped suiseki 水石

Price:  280,00

Great and rare heavy veined quartzite egg-shaped suiseki 水石 (scholar’s stone) in shades of white, grey, brique and reddish brown. The veins are in relief and swirls in a natural pattern across the whole stone.

This type of stone in naturally found, even in such unique shape, in the Henan province in China.

The stone is placed on a custom made wooden base 台座 (daiza).

Size including daiza:
Height 24 cm, Width 24.5 m, Depth 21.5 cm.
Weight 10.95 kg

Size of the stone:
Height 21.5 cm, Diameter stone 16.5 cm.
Shōwa period (1926-1989).
In traditional Japanese culture, suiseki are naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are appreciated for their aesthetic or decorative value. These stones are not just any stones which can be found in nature; they must be expressive stones and have a special shape, color and texture to be categorized as suiseki. (From Wikipedia)

We imported this stone directly from Japan, so that is why we have described it as a suiseki, as it probably has been seen there as such.
But as the origin of the stone is from China, it can also be described as a Gongshi 供石, which is the Chinese equivalent of a scholar’s stone.

Ref. No. : 212271-1


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