Biomorphic suiseki 水石

Price:  450,00

Captivating biomorphic suiseki 水石 (scholar’s stone) with smooth scalloped curves and a large arched point on top. Its colour varies from different hues of grey, brown, dark red and white with dark grey veins. One side with a hand-made cylindrical basin.
This may have been used for an ikebana flower arrangement. Imagine the beautiful sight of such a unique formed stone with a colourful flower arrangement in it.

It has a polished surface and is attached to a custom made black lacquered wooden base 台座 (daiza).

Approx. size including daiza:
Height 36 cm, Width 40 cm, Depth 18 cm.
Weight 17.6 kg
Shōwa period (1926-1989)
It is in a very good condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

In traditional Japanese culture, suiseki are naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are appreciated for their aesthetic or decorative value. These stones are not just any stones which can be found in nature; they must be expressive stones and have a special shape, color and texture to be categorized as suiseki. (From Wikipedia)

Ref. No. : B4507


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