Relief of two Jizô

Price:  550,00

A stele, crafted from grey hand-carved granite, featuring a relief of two Jizô depicted as a monk in a standing pose, eroded over time into stylised figures.

Jizô, or Ojizô-sama as he is reverently called in Japan, stands as one of the most beloved deities across the nation. His figures are frequently encountered, notably alongside roads and within cemeteries. Jizô fulfils various roles, serving as the guardian of travellers, children, and women during childbirth. He is particularly esteemed for his merciful acts towards those enduring the torments of hell, among the Six Realms of Existence. Characterized by his monk’s attire and a visage of open-hearted compassion, Jizô is always ready to respond to those in distress.

Period: Japan – Edo period (1600-1868).

Height 30.5 cm, Width 25.5 cm, Depth 10 cm.
Weight 16.7 kg.

Considering its age this statue is in a very good condition, like described eroded over time due to exposure of the weather elements. Please have a look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

Ref. No. : C3120


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