Impressive 5-part carved granite Yukimi

Price:  1.500,00

An impressive, extra large 5-part carved granite garden lantern, known as a ‘Kaku Yukimi Ishi’dôrô’ 角雪見石灯籠 (snow-showing lantern on square base).

This is a traditional Japanese lantern set close to the ground. The term ‘Yukimi’ translates to ‘snow viewing,’ aptly named as the lantern’s ‘Kasa’ 傘 (umbrella) can gather snow during winter, creating a picturesque scene.

Each segment of the lantern symbolizes an element:
The bottom-most ‘sao’ 竿 (post), which touches the ground, represents ‘chi’ 地 (earth); The ‘chûdai’ 中台 (central platform) above it symbolizes ‘sui’ 水 (water); The ‘hibukuro’ 火袋 (fire box) encases the light or flame, representing ‘ka’ 火 (fire); The upper sections depict ‘fû’ 風 (air) and ‘kû’ 空 (void or spirit), reaching towards the sky.

Its hibukuro with a nice reticulated design of circular-shapes with diamond shapes. And one side with a rectangular openings for light placement. The band along the chûdai with a relief design of stylized wavy shapes.

Approx. dimensions:
Height 110 cm, Width 91 cm, Depth 78.5 cm.

The age of these lanterns is difficult to determine. We think that this one is from the Taishô period/Early Shôwa period (Early-/Mid- 20th century).It has a light outdoorsy patina by being placed outside for several years. It is in a very good condition. Three points of the kasa with chips. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

We will use a wooden pallet and good packing for safe transport.
When shipped we will also add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C2021


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