Woodblock print of a falcon by Utagawa Toyoshige

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Utagawa Toyoshige 歌川豊重 (Toyokuni II) (1777-1835), diptych woodblock print of a majestic falcon 鷹 (taka) sitting on a pine tree branch 松 (matsu) under a rising sun.
This popular genre is known as ‘kachô-ga’ 花鳥画 (pictures of birds and flowers).

Date: Around 1830.
Signature: ‘Gosotei Toyokuni hitsu’ 後素亭豊國筆
Publisher seal: Yamamotoya Heikichi 山本屋平吉 (publisher ca. 1812 – 1886)
Censor seal: Kiwame seal, used before 1842. Kiwame means ‘approved’.
Format: kakemono-e 掛け物絵; vertical diptych colour woodblock print mounted as a hanging scroll

Dimensions passe-partout:
Height 85.1 cm, Width 34.2 cm.
Dimensions print:
Height 74.3 cm, Width 25.1 cm.

In very good original condition. Slightly discoloured paper. Placed in a passe-partout with two small pieces of tape. Please take a look at the photos for a condition reference.

See British Museum

Painter and print artist. Lived in Hongo Haruki-cho (c. 1828). Pupil of Toyokuni I, adopted by him in the New Year of 1824, or before. Earliest works c. 1823. Known for prints of actors and ‘bijin’ and illustrations for ‘gokan’. In 1825 assumed the name Toyokuni II on the death of Toyokuni I. In early 1830s designed some fine landscape prints and did a few paintings. No works known after c. 1835 and is assumed to have died or given up painting. Said to have run a pottery business, but this is not proven. (From The British Museum, London)

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