Surimono 摺物 woodblock print by the artist Totoya Hokkei

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Remarkable and original Japanese (privately published) ‘surimono’ 摺物 woodblock print by the artist Totoya Hokkei 魚屋 北渓 (1780-1850), depicting the Hero of the ‘Sangokushi’ Liu Bei with his horse Tekiro 的盧, from the series ‘A Collection of Famous Horses’ 名馬番続 (Meiba bantsuzuki).

While in full motion, the general is whipping the brown horse to move even faster. He is wearing an elaborate kimono and carries an impressive sword on his side. The general is one from the ‘Sangokushi’ 三國志: the Chinese historical text ‘The Records of the Three Kingdoms’ which covers the history of the late Eastern Han dynasty (c. 184–220 AD) and the Three Kingdoms period (220–280 AD).

A series of at least five surimono designed for the Hyotan-ren poetry group.

Ink and colour on mulberry paper.
Signed: Hokkei.
Privately published in 1822 (Horse Year).
Format: shikishiban

Dimensions frame:
Height 37.8 cm, Width 34.4 cm, Depth 1.8 cm.
Dimensions passe-partout:
Height 20.3 cm, Width 18 cm.

In a very good condition with wear consistent with age. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

See Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Ritsumeikan University ARC

and Art Institute of Chicago

Totoya Hokkei 魚屋 北渓 (1780–1850) was a Japanese artist best known for his prints in the ukiyo-e style. Hokkei was one of Hokusai’s first and best-known students and worked in a variety of styles and genres and produced a large body of work in prints, book illustrations, and paintings.
Hokkei’s work is light and simple, and shows the influence of his master Hokusai. In the 1820s and 1830s Hokkei was a prolific illustrator of surimono prints, of which he made at least eight hundred. (From Wikipedia)

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