Tiger scroll

Price:  280,00

A striking hanging scroll 掛け軸 (kakejiku) of a fierce tiger who just creeped out of a bush of bamboo.

While the tiger looks up at an unknown source on the left, he roars loudly as a warning. Already, he is leaning forward, tail held high, one paw in front of the other, and is clearly ready to attack at any moment.

Colour and ink on silk. The painting is signed and sealed in the lower right corner by the artist.

The painting is set in a ‘Literati’-mounting. The kami-ichimonji and the shimo-ichimonji (the fabric attached above and under the painting) are made of a shiny white and gold brocade silk with a vine and flower motif. The naka-mawashi (the fabric surrounding the painting) is made of a soft-pink silk with a flower motif. The jikusaki (knob ends) are made of blackened wood.

The hanging scroll is in a good condition, with only a few foxing spots. Please see the photos for reference to its condition.

Shōwa period (1926-1989).
Ref. No. : P1


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