Set of 2 scrolls

Price:  350,00

Pair of lovely kakejiku 掛け軸 (hanging scrolls) painted with red-crowned cranes 丹頂鶴 “Tanchô’duru”.

On the first scroll the crane 鶴 (tsuru) stands straight, looking to the right, with some bamboo in the background. The crane on the second scroll looks to the left, and has his leg slightly bend. Behind him there are some young pine trees.

Both are signed and sealed by the artist Ueda Aizan 上田愛山. One has a rare inscription mentioning years the artist already experienced while working on this hanging scroll, which in this case was 63 years; Gyônen rokujû san’ sai 行年六十三歳.

The paintings are done in colour on paper

The mountings are made of crème coloured and grey silk. The jikusaki 軸先 (rod ends) are made of bone.

The scrolls are in a fair condition with overall traces of age, wear and old restorations, mainly some horizontal folds. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.
Meiji-period (1868-1912).
Height circa 191 cm, Width 46.6 cm.
Jikusaki: Diameter Ø 2.4 cm.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 92156


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