Serene painting

Price:  800,00

Serene painting on a scroll (kakejiku) of a Amida Sanzon Triad.

Amida Raigō, and Amida Sanzon Raigō are common themes in Japanese Buddhist statuary and painting, especially among Japan’s Pure Land (Jōdo 浄土) sects. In triad artwork, Amida Buddha sits in the center and is surrounded by two main attendants (kyōji 脇侍)  Seishi Bosatsu (representing wisdom) is generally on the right and Kannon Bosatsu (representing compassion) on the left.

Meiji period. With original marked box.
In nice original condition.

Size; H. : 174 cm W. : 59 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 72274


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