Scroll dragon and a tiger

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Striking kakejiku 掛け軸 (hanging scroll) with painting of the iconic pairing of a dragon and a tiger.
The dragon descends from thick wild black clouds, while the tiger creeps out of the mist at the same time.
The painting is done in sumi 墨 (black ink) on paper, with some subtle details in red and blue.

Signed and sealed in the lower right corner.

The mounting is made of dark and light grey silk. The jikusaki 軸先 (rod ends) are made of dark brown hardwood.

The painting itself is in a very good condition with a few small folds and old restorations. The mounting is in a very good condition, of a later date than the painting. Probably Taishô period.. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Height approx. 192 cm, Width 73.5 cm.
Jikusaki: Diameter Ø 2.5 cm.

“Dragons bring the clouds,” according to an old Chinese proverb, while “tigers call forth the wind.” In these scrolls, the wind seems to swirl through a crouching tiger’s bamboo grove and into the clouds, revealing a dragon. The tiger turns its head as if sensing the turbulent weather to come. As the dragon and tiger govern the elemental forces of wind and rain, they were revered as rulers of the cosmos and the natural world. Their symbolic pairing was believed to bring about the blessings of rain and peace (From National Gallery of Art, Washington).

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

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