Scroll by Nagai Ikka

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A long and impressive scroll with a painting of two flying crows and a rising sun by Nagai Ikka 長井一禾 (1869-1940).
This artist, was an Ukiyo-e painter from Meiji to Shôwa period, and a pupil of Kawanabe Kyosai. Ikka is famed for his crow paintings.

The painting is on silk and has a light green silk mounting, the roller ends are made of bone. The scroll is in very good condition, some traces of ages in the background, please see pictures.

Signature and Seal in the right lower corner.
Ikka 一禾, Bokuu sanso 墨雨山荘
End 19th century, start 20th century
Scroll size: W. 60.9cm, H. 210.3cm
Painting size: W. 40.9cm, H. 126.2cm

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : N2505


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