Monochrome painting of a Gibbon monkey

Price:  350,00

The famous painting on the scroll shows a Gibbon money that points with his right-arm to the reflection of the moon in the water, non of which is visible.
Though gibbons have never occurred naturally in Japan, thats make the Gibbon an unrealistic but more funnier look.

This painting is attributed to Kanō Tan’yū (1602 – 1674) who was well know for monochrome paintings with Yamato-e style of painting. Yamato-e style is inspired by Chinese ink wash paintings (kara-e (唐絵) Kanō Tan’yū was one of the foremost Japanese painters of the Kanō school.

Roller ends are made of wood.

Taisho period.

Size: H. :181 cm. W. : 38.5 cm.

Ref. No. : 92268


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