Koi scroll in double box

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Japanese painter Hōsen Higashihara (東原方僊, (1900-1972). His real name was Naota 直太. Born 4 March 1900 in Oku-gun, Okayama, Japan, he left Kyoto in 1942 and became a student of Takeuchi Seiho 竹内栖鳳. After having his painting Hana Ringo (two paintings of one pair) accepted for the first time at the 9th Bunten Exhibition in 1915, he exhibited his work at many official exhibitions and was recommended for the 11th Teiten Exhibition, and from the following 12th Exhibition he was not accepted. During this period, he frequently exhibited his works at exhibitions in Japan and abroad, and also painted bamboo works, and paintings for the ceiling of Eiheiji Temple and Minatogawa Shrine. His specialities were flower-and-bird paintings such as Chicken-crowned Night (12th Imperial Exhibition), White Camellia (13th Imperial Exhibition) and Seishu (14th Imperial Exhibition). 

Ref. No. : C2412


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