Famous monochrome painting Shoki

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A very dynamic and famous monochrome painting of the demon queller Shoki (Chinese: Zhong Kui) killing a small demon. Shōki’s popularity peaked in Japan during the Edo period, when people began to hang images of Shōki outside their houses to ward off evil spirits during the Boys’ Day festival (Tango no Sekku 端午の節句, May 5 each year, but now a festival for all children of both sexes) and to adorn the eaves and entrances of their homes (from: onmarkproductions). These days this image is not so popular anymore in that tradition. But very often seen as a theme in the world of tattoo. The kakejiku has no roller ends and some minor horizontal wrinkling. Overall it is a strong vivid painting. Meiji – Taisho-period.
Signed in the right lower corner: Reisai
With seals: “Gazan shisui” and “Moritada”.

Size H. : 174,5 cm W. :  74,3 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 92270


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