Wide two-panel byôbu leafy plants

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A remarkable and exceptionally tall and wide two-panel byôbu 屏風 (room divider) with a refined painting of a bed of plants. Many green leafy plants fill this field, some very tall, others with slender spiky leaves, or with protruding broad leaves. In between striking red star lily’s カノコユリ (kanokoyuri) and lovely white asters 野菊 (nogiku).

The bed is next to a hilly road covered by smooth river rocks in different shades of grey.

This colourful painting is set on a silk background. The panels are protected by a wooden frame.

Signed and sealed ‘Shikô’ 紫光 by the artist in the lower right corner

The screen is in a very good condition with some general traces of age and wear, like some minor foxing around the edges. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Total width 212.6 cm (2 x 106.3 cm), Height 176.6 cm.

This room divider can be easily mounted flat on a wall and presented as one piece of art.
Taishō period (1912-1926)
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B2260


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