Six-panel low screen

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A lovely six-panel hinagata byôbu 雛形屏風 (doll festival folding screen) with a painting of a landscape with a winding river along a mountain scape. Several cranes 鶴 (tsuru) with their young are gathered around the river, scurrying for food or taking shelter under the pine trees 松 (matsu).
The scene is surrounded by dense gold leaf clouds.

Signed and sealed in the lower right corner.

This multi-coloured painting is set on a paper background.
Mounted by a thin and broad silk border, and protected by a black lacquer frame.

Considering its age, it is in a good restored condition with traces of age and wear. Please take a close look at the detail photos of some of these restorations or wear, and a general clear condition reference.

Total width 140.0 cm (2 x 23.8 cm and 4 x 23.1 cm), Height 53.3 cm.
Shōwa period (1926-1989)
Originally used as the background of the top-tier of a hina-doll set. But also very suitable as a decorative wall piece due to its very graphical appearance.

Ref. No. : N2628


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