Six panel colourful roomdivider (byobu)

Price:  3.200,00

A colourful six panel roomdivider (byobu) by Utsumi Kichidô 内海吉堂 with a dynamic continous painting of a swarm of magpie birds (kasasagi), arriving at a rivershore, sitting on riverside rocks amidst of multiple blossoming flowers, like Chrysantheum (Kiku) – Botan and Narcisses in a spring – summer scene. With large gold sprinkled spots thats gives a nice touch and depth of this painting.
Signed and stamped in the left lower corner by: Kichidô Itsushi Fuku 吉堂逸史復 . This is Utsumi Kichidô 内海吉堂 (1850~1925), born in Fukui Prefecture. A well known painter of his era who studied painting with Kansai Mori and Bunrin Shiokawa, and specifically known for his paintings of flowers and birds. The painting is in very nice condition with hardly any signs of use or exposure. The reverse side of the screen has some signs of wear and small repair only on the two outer panels (see last picture).
This kind of roomdivider is light of weight and can also be easily mounted flat on a wall and be presented as one impressive work of art.

Total width: 372 cm. ( 6 x 62 cm); Height: 170.5 cm.

Late Meiji period.

Shipping and handling not included.


Ref. No. : 201470


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