Byobu-screen with paintings

Price:  1.800,00

A two-panel byobu-screen with three paintings by Satō Mitsuoki (1617-1691) of the rokkasen: a group
of  poets from the early Heian period mentioned in the Imperial Waka-poem Anthology Kokinshū.

The three paintings are pasted on the screen (of a later date) against a background of sprinkled gold.

One painting is signed: Tosa shōgen nyūdō Jōshō and sealed: Mitsuoki no in.

The pasted papers for the poems are not inscribed. Paintings: Early Edo period.

Size; H. : 170,5 cm; W. : 94,5 cm .

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 52361 1/2


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