Pair of byôbu with peafowl

Price:  1.300,00

Pair of beautiful ethereal two-panel byobu-screens depicting a white male peacock and a female peacock (kujaku), the male peacock spreading its tail, the female peacock standing next to a tree peony shrub (botan) in bloom. By the Nihonga style painter Nagamine Masao (1907-1987), signed and sealed: Masao-ga. The screens have black lacquered frames. Very good condition with all-over spottings, the backside have some traces of usage.

These kind of roomdividers are light in weight and can also be easily mounted flat on a wall and presented as one piece of art.

Size of each 2 panel screen; height 177 cm, total width 174 cm ( 2 x 87 cm).

Total width of the pair: 348 cm ( 4 x 87 cm).

Shōwa period (1926-1989).

When shipped we will add a Certificate of Authenticity.

Nihonga (日本画, “Japanese-style paintings”) are Japanese paintings from about 1900 onwards that have been made in accordance with traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques and materials. While based on traditions over a thousand years old, the term was coined in the Meiji period of Imperial Japan, to distinguish such works from Western-style paintings or Yōga (洋画) (from: Wikipedia).

Ref. No. : 200600 1-2


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