Screen with chrysantheum flowers

Price:  800,00

Six panel screen (byobu) with 6 individual elegant paintings of kiku, chrysantheum flower.

The kiku flower has the meaning of “noblity”, “trust me” and “purity” in Japan.
The white flowers are made with gofun, shell paste.In reasonable condition.

Some damage in the first panel on the left and one small hole on the panel on the right. Some superficial traces of use and ware.

Meiji – Taisho period

Size; H. : 160 cm W. ; 60 cm Total width 360 cm (6 x 60 cm).

Shipping and handling not included.

This roomdivider is light in weight and can also be easily mounted flat on a wall to be presented as one impressive work of art.

Ref. No. : 93369


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