Furosaki’byôbu low screen with botanical design

Price:  350,00

A pretty, low and wide two-panel furosaki’byôbu 風炉先屏風 (tea-ceremony room divider) with a design in front and on the back. In front an abstract design of bundles of leaves in brown, gold and silver stamped on a greenish blue textured background heightened by translucent golden clouds and gold leaf flakes.

Signed and sealed in the lower left corner. Mounted with a thin light silk, and a broad olive green silk border. Protected by a black lacquer frame.

The back with a lacquer design of golden and pastel coloured plants in a red circle on a brown substrate.

Total width 179.6 cm ( 2 x 89.8 cm), Height 60.9 cm.
Period: Japan – Late Shôwa period (Second half 20th century).

The painting is in a very good original condition with minimal traces of use on the back. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

In Japan such screens are often used as a background for example vases with ikebana arrangements or other, in this case traditional tea ceremony objects.

This screen is light in weight and can thus easily mounted flat on a wall and presented as one piece of art.

Ref. No. : B4286TN


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