Four panel byôbu-screen

Price:  900,00

A four panel byôbu-screen with a polychrome charming painting of wysteria (fuji) growing on a bamboo fence. The vines of the plant sprout graceful across the panels in different directions in search of a new place to bloom.
The vibrant multi-coloured painting is set on a matte gilded background and surrounded by a brocade mounting with a kiri-leaf motive in gold and black.
The screen has a black lacquered wooden frame with all original hardware to protect the corners.
There are some minor traces of age and wear, but overall in good condition. Please see pictures. Shōwa period (1926-1989).
These kind of room-dividers are light in weight and can also be easily mounted flat on a wall and presented as one piece of art.
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Total width: 190 cm; ( 4 x 47.5 cm), Height: 92.5 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : T2136


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