Byobu with 6 individual polychrome paintings of birds of prey

Price:  1.650,00

Six panel roomdivider (byobu) with 6 individual polychrome paintings of birds of prey (Taka), referring to the Japanese Art of Falconry (Takagari). The paintings are mounted on oxidized silver leaf and framed by a brown floral textile border.
The paintings of these birds of prey are all very nicely detailed with powerful facial expressions. The colorful tassels are adding a colorful touch.
This screen certainly shows signs of old repairs and general wear and tear. The backside of the screen has its original paper and is in good condition.
The Japanese Art of Falconry was popular in Edo period Japan and was a common pastime for the Samurai. Oftentimes, strong birds which are trained well by falconers are gifted to people of high status like the Royals, Chiefs, and clan heads.
This kind of roomdivider is light in weight and can also be easily mounted flat on a wall as one large piece of art.
Total width: 393 cm. ( 6 x 65,5 cm); Height: 176,5 cm.

Approx. 140 – 170 years old.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 202004 2-2


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