Tall six-panel screen genre painting silver leaf background

Price:  1.800,00

A splendid, tall six-panel byôbu 屏風 (folding screen) featuring a unique genre painting on an oxidizing silver leaf background, showcasing a lively “manzai” 漫才 performance unfolding in a noble establishment.

Manzai (漫才) is a traditional style of comedy in Japanese culture comparable to double act comedy.
Manzai, a traditional form of Japanese stand-up comedy involving a comedic duo, is vibrantly captured here. Two performers, animated and expressive, are depicted with fans and a pole adorned with a large pink peony blossom, entertaining an aristocratic audience that includes two women with their children, an elderly gentleman enjoying his pipe, and a young man discreetly exiting the scene.
In the background, musicians provide accompaniment, tucked away in a corner of the room, while a neighbor and her child watch the festivities from their open veranda. The setting is distinctly springtime, with cherry blossoms 桜 (sakura) in full bloom, enhancing the festive atmosphere. Beyond the immediate scene, the painting extends to include a sweeping view of a city against a backdrop of mountains,

These diverse scenes are encased within dense silver leaf clouds. Silver leaf continuously undergoes the process of oxidation, which creates a beautiful aged patina.
Rendered in watercolour and ink. Surrounded by two brocade silk borders, a thin light one and wide dark one with a flower pattern. Framed by a red lacquered wood with protective hardware engraved with scrolling foliage.

Period: Japan – Early Meiji period (Second half 19th century).

Total width: 370.6 cm (2 x 63.1 cm, 4 x 61.1 cm); Height: 172.1 cm.

Considering its age it is in a good condition with traces of wear conform age and restorations, like minimal repapering of the back. Please have a look at the photo of a old restoration in the lower left corner. For a condition reference, please have a look at the photos as well.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C2402


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