Tall, 6-panel screen with geese above sea

Price:  1.900,00

An amazing, tall six-panel byôbu 屏風 (folding screen) features a Nanga-style monochrome painting that captures wild geese in a dynamic sea landscape.

Three wild geese soar above the churning sea waves, elegantly aligned in an undulating formation with their wings fully extended. The vigorous motion of the waves is vividly depicted, crashing and frothing beneath the graceful flight of the geese.

On the right signed and sealed with two character name seals. Signed ‘Keidô’ 渓堂.
Attributed ‘Year of the Wood Dog of the Meiji period’ 明治甲戌夏五月, Anno 1874. (This screen was once part of a pair, the companion piece of which was dated).

Done in black ink 墨 (sumi) on paper. Surrounded by two silk brocade borders, a thin white one, and a wide green one with a scrolling foliage design. Protected by a black lacquer wooden frame with their original hardware.

Total width: 368.4 cm (2 x 62.8 cm and 4 x 60.7 cm); Height: 170.9 cm.

Considering the age, the byôbu is in a good restored condition with traces of wear conform age, like some paper loss in front and at the back. Please look at the restorations of the hinges. Non-uniform discolouration of the paper. For a clear condition reference, please look at the photos.

The folding screen is ideal for mounting flat on a wall and presenting as a single work of art.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B4513


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